Social media has had a huge impact on our lives. But let’s see some of the most positive changes we’ve seen thanks to social media:

Recruiting and Career Building

I have to think social media for everything I have done, professionally. I have to admit, I had other plans for my life but when I discovered Internet marketing, I fell in love and changed my life around.

Then, a couple years later, I discovered social media (Myspace at that time, then Facebook and finally Twitter) and that’s when my career was turned around. I got known thanks to tweeting. I am not ashamed to admit that. At that time Twitter wasn’t yet a big thing: Few people could figure out what it was but I was immediately hooked.

I built all my professional connections thanks to social media. Social media is still my major business tool for marketing, connecting and collaborating.

Social media has made it possible for anyone to be heard and noticed. You can build a career from home.

On the other hand, small businesses and startups can attract talent from overseas, without paying the moving costs. Teams have become more diverse and creative.

Often you hear this concept applied to the creative community, which is understandable. That was the first group to really begin using the idea, putting together teams with people working all over the globe in areas like advertising, animation, and design. That has given the false impression that distributed talent is only for the creative community, when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

This type of team management is available to any field, no matter what they do. You just have to know how to best keep communication open, and have the right tools on hand to do it.

Art and Creativity

Like there are no borders for career development any more, there are no geographical limits for your artistic development. You have an invaluable exposure to your connections’ artistic experiences and plans. I have discovered and visited a lot of art exhibitions, thanks to my friends’ sharing their impressions after visiting one.

Social media is profoundly changing culture.

“Never before has an artist had the power to get into a conversation directly with their audience,” cheers artist Stuart Semple in Gotham Magazine.

Vogue Magazine explains,

“…today artists use Instagram as their own virtual art gallery, playing both dealer and curator while their fans become critics and collectors…”

Art used to be something people with the highest levels of wealth could get exposure to. These days anyone have exposure to artistic education, free of charge, simply by following artistic people.

This idea can be expanded to a broader topic, beyond art: Opportunities for self-education we were granted with, thanks to social media and the Internet in general. These days you don’t have to get an expensive college education to be able to learn a topic of your passion. With enough self discipline and persistence you can learn almost anything online.

Money Raising

Last but not the least, social media has made it possible to raise money whenever anyone you love needs it. I have seen a few cases when our whole marketing industry united to collect money from someone in need.

I think this is why I feel so close to so many people in our niche: I know that whenever anyone needs help, they will be there. And with many of those people I haven’t even met in real life: They are virtual friends and have been virtual-only friends for more than a decade now.

You can start raising money whenever you have a good reason to, be it a project you believe in or a friend who got into trouble.

Furthermore, thanks to social media, you have an opportunity to find and join any initiative you choose to believe in. You have an opportunity to change the world for the better, never leaving your desk.

Say what you want but social media is a miracle which makes me feel incredibly proud that I was born at exactly the time when I could witness its birth and evolution.

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