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Our social media promotion guide will help you set up your online marketing campaign, guide you through the effective marketing process and let you delegate your social media strategy.

You may have come across dozens of social media tips teaching you how to set up digital marketing objectives and business goals, generate engagement and use social media analytics. Our checklist is not about that.

We offer you avoid clutter and buzz terms and get down right to action: Blogging, streamlined management of your social accounts and scaling your interaction. We suggest setting up your marketing campaign by leveraging major platforms (Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Twitter) and affordable or even free social media tools.

In other words, less planning and more action.

A social media marketing plan only works when it’s implemented. No one has build brand awareness and loyalty by planning alone.

When starting your own business, the hardest step is reaching your target market. Marketing campaigns through ads and sponsorships can range into the hundreds of dollars per platform.

In the beginning, you’d want to reach potential customers with as little time and energy expenditures as possible. With some quick thinking and a bit of dedicated time, you can reach hundreds, if not hundreds of thousands of potential clients.

When done right, social media promotion can help you achieve many business objectives.

Utilizing social media properly to promote your business and brand takes a little research and planning before jumping in whole hog. What social media platforms better suit your business needs? Some are fairly self-explanatory, like Instagram and YouTube.

Others can be used for nearly any medium, like Facebook and Twitter. Not only do you need to know where to focus your campaigns, but when. Extensive research from market professionals has flooded the Internet, making it incredibly easy to decide when is best for you to reach out in this manner.

While they are generally marketing tactics for social media management platforms to sell you their own products, it’s good to get a readout on the numbers. I would suggest: Sprout Social, Oberlo, or Hootsuite. If you enjoy infographics, check out Oberlo, but Sprout Social has the most in-depth research of the three.

Both help with targeting your audience better: Research your audience demographics, create strategic plans and implement actual social media networking.

So how to use social media to achieve measurable results?

Content marketing

Whichever social media platform you choose, content comes first. Your content curation and creation should align with your overall marketing plan.

Social media marketing is not effective unless there’s a strong on-site content asset to promote it, which is why our social media marketing checklist starts with creating a great article.

Content builds online presence, customer loyalty, ans visibility.

It could be either an article, a cool infographic or a solid video content (e.g. webinars or video listicles) asset.

Facebook promotion

Facebook has grown to become a social media powerhouse. While the younger generations are slowly pulling away from Facebook, there’s still an extensive marketplace to be had on the platform. Adding pictures and videos are simple, easily uploading snippets from your phone.

It’s definitely THE social media platform these days.

It’s also an effective marketing tool for lead generation and branding.

If you do have a product, you can start a Facebook campaign, with a little bit of cash upfront. You can even sponsor your posts to have them rise to the top of specific Facebook feeds. Not to mention the value of customer support. If you are liked and shared by customers and clients on the platform, you can reach an ever-growing amount of people, all without lifting a finger.

Twitter marketing

Everyone has fawned over some funny tweet from a company; think Wendy’s increasing Twitter audience thanks to the antics of its social media manager. If you’re just starting out, though, it’s a great way to build momentum.

You can follow specific keyword topics and view what’s trending to tailor some of your recent tweets to be relevant. Although tread carefully. There have been some major blunders here on this platform by individuals and companies.

Tweeting is what we do every day now. It’s part of our life. Twitter is the major platform for social media listening because it’s an open platform.

With how quick and easy it is to post and the ability to use #keywords in your post, you can reach a wide range of individuals with minimal time and energy commitment. Hashtag marketing goes a long way!

Instagram marketing

Illustrators have flooded the platform with endlessly amazing art (my favorites are furrylittlepeach and her photographer boyfriend rocket_k, semiskimmedmin, and leighellexson).

They work across multiple social media platforms but their number there reach into the tens and hundreds of thousands of followers. With the ability to convey their work and message visually, their work has a lot of impacts. Yours can too, with a little patience and practice with a photo editor on your phone or PC.

YouTube marketing

Depending on the type of product you’re trying to promote and sell, creating a YouTube audience can be the way to go. This avenue, however, is costly in time: both in the time needed to create the video and the time needed for the video to climb to reach the number of eyes that you’d like to see you.

Even if the channel doesn’t become the most subscribed to channel across the platform, you can use these videos as elements in your other campaign platforms, or vice versa. Don’t underestimate the power of a strong message and a well-lit room.

With just a little bit of research and effort, you can create a social media campaign just for your business. By utilizing free social media platforms and knowing the best times and ways to use them, you can grow your clientele quickly and start making some progress in your business ventures.

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